Erik waits for the first arrivals

Halloween Evening saw two dozen local people gathered at a secret location on the windswept Winn’s Common, where they were regaled by Kevin with the Legend of Stingy Jack, followed by amusingly shaped jelly sweets to reference the Irish tradition of leaving treats outside the house on All Hallows’ Eve to deter spirits from entering the house and stealing the bodies of the living. Then all made their way to the specially prepared area, for the main section of the evening’s entertainment where Erik read them an Edwardian Ghost Story.

The audience listen, enthralled to Erik’s Tale

Refreshments, in the form of mulled wine were served to take the chill off while they were treated to an open air performance, not in a trendy part of London but right here, in Plumstead. Mercifully it didn’t rain, and although the savage gusts of wind saw off all but the most windproof of the lanterns made by Karen and Kevin, it allowed them to shine in the dark long enough to add to the spooky atmosphere.

The setting was perfect

After tidying up, a number of us went to The Old Mill where we discussed further ideas for future events. We now know, from experience, that aside from walks acting as a hook for a shared artistic activity, and home-based workshops staged in members’ own houses, that we can organise and deliver open air performances. We are fortunate in having plenty of settings around here that can serve as a backdrop for these in the future.

relaxing in the pub – beer and lanterns

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