Foraged Food, Glorious Food

Erik, first to arrive, surveys the scene

The weather was perfect, as was the setting, when the MVMNT cafe hosted its first foraged food tasting event from 1 – 3 pm last Sunday. During the two hours, there were around 30 attendees, including a number of APs and their guests, many of whom lingered for a long time as they sampled the various delights prepared from foraged ingredients gathered in and around Greenwich.

Chatting about foraged food

Visitors were able to inquire about what to look out for, and taste for themselves the kind of food and drink that can be prepared using foraged ingredients. From ‘entry level’ foraging, like making the lavender sugar which encased the bachelor’s buttons (little cakes), using lavender spikes from a local front garden, to rosehip paste made from hips gathered from open spaces; then to quince and nashi pears, which were served as membrillo (quince paste), a quinceade, soft fruit jellies in sugar and as a mixed fruit crumble, all generously donated by residents of the Royal Borough of Greenwich who allowed the GCDA to gather the fruit.

Lavender sugar, an easy way to start foraging

The informal style of the event encouraged lively discussion between committed afficionados of foraging and relaxed conversation with friends catching up whilst enjoying dishes they had never tasted before. It also introduced the MVMNT cafe to a new audience who were able to appreciate its unique, versatile layout which is ideally suited to events of this type, and which would be ideal for an AP event

A good time had by all, and an ideal venue


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