I’ll Drink to That!

Coming soon in Plumstead, a wine tasting evening brought to you by Erik who will be opening his house – and his Atlas of Wine – to lead a selected band of explorers through a variety of wines. See below for details…

Art Plumstead are hosting a wine tasting off Plumstead High Street on Thursday 25 April commencing at 7.30pm

Please contact this blog if you’d like to request an invite

We would like a £5.00 per person donation to defray the cost of the food and wine.

-We will focus on affordable wines but will be comparing them with mid-range wines to see which gives better value overall

-We will have a friendly competition with a couple of prizes

-You don’t need to consume any alcohol – you’ll be able to spit it out gracefully if you so desire. If someone wishes to attend but be strictly teetotal let me know and I’ll see if we can accommodate

-We will select an over-all winning wine and worst of the bunch booby prize

-We will hopefully have a good time and increase our knowledge of wine

Don’t think you need any special knowledge – we’ll all be learning as we go along.

I very much hope to see your email requests appearing in my inbox shortly. Remember we’re planning for ten places only. At the time of posting, the list is almost full, but be quick and you might squeeze in!

Contact artplumstead@yahoo.co.uk Requests for places will be allocated in the date order in which they are received at the above email address.

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