Around the Nince, 3 Sections, 3 Hours

The end of May was perfect weather for an extended exploration of Greenwich and the Thames path as it looped around the peninsula. But this was no straightforward walk, although it is pretty well impossible to get lost, especially now the Thames Path has recently been fully opened with a new section being completed near the O2 within the last few weeks. No, inspired by Karen’s Treasure Hunt, there were facts to find out and things to observe on the way.

The walk was divided into 3 sections – Historical (Cutty Sark ship to Cutty Sark pub), Industrial (Cutty Sark pub to O2) and Modern (O2 – Pilot Inn via Ecology Park). To help the seekers, arrows indicated which direction to look to find the answers to the clues which included anagrams. An asterisk indicated that the answer was on an interpretation board. Some clues were extra tricky, so they were followed by an exclamation mark!

As luck would have it, the sight of a group of adults earnestly scrutinising their question sheets, piqued the interest of Mr Greenwich who was enjoying a libation with his friends outside the Cutty Sark pub. There followed a brief interaction, and I took his card. Some time later, we all arrived at the Pilot Inn. We were lucky to get a seat as the place was mobbed by blokes who were in the area to watch a high profile boxing match. After a swift pint, it was all back on the 422 to the Ambala restaurant in Plumstead High Street. If you have never been, it’s recommended.

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