Plumstead, not Hampstead!

A good time had by all

A good time had by all

The fifth Plumstead Live! free music festival took place as always on Winn’s Common last weekend Sunday 21st July from 3pm – 8pm. And unlike two years ago, when it was rained off, the weather was perfect, having cooled slightly from the baking conditions of the last few days.

Cristina soaks up the atmos

Cristina soaks up the atmos

The crowd was bigger than ever, with a mixture of ages and ethnicities (not that such box-ticking should be the sole means of evaluating an event successful or not). No one came over all unnecessary, or made a nuisance of themselves. It was an event characterised by peaceful enjoyment of the Jazz and Soul music provided by Arthur Lea’s Bootleg Brass, Emma Devine, Dan Waller and Carol Jack. There was an ice cream van, a pie and mash stall with dining gazebo attached and a wood-smoked pizza stall.

Fire on Winn's Common

Fire on Winn’s Common

On top of all that, Erik went round inviting the audience to take one of our Art Plumstead leaflets (you may have seen him, he was wearing a jaunty headdress made from a mauve paper napkin on his noggin). And to add to the sense of occasion there were a couple of fires on the tinder-dry grass in the near and middle distance. Which is how we knew we were in Plumstead, not Hampstead!


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