A Tale of Two Villages

Inside the gallery

Inside Greenwich Gallery, Linear House

Jennifer, Sandra and Goretti’s exhibition at Greenwich was the inspiration for an impromptu Dickens themed walk from Greenwich to Blackheath at the end of July. The Greenwich Gallery is dedicated to the display of photographs, and an intimate but airy space, thanks to the skylights which flood the room with light. Tucked away behind Greenwich Library in Peyton Place, opposite the police station, it was an ideal venue to meet up and enjoy the three different artists’ work. Once we had looked round, we set off, prepared to garner a few facts about a familiar setting.

Erik looks suitably impressed

Erik looks suitably impressed

The walk was actually written to go from Blackheath to Greenwich, but the map was clear and it is not exactly an unknown area. After a detour for an inspection of the Painted Gallery, we pressed on to Greenwich Park – it’s definitely worth a visit if you haven’t been for a while, and if you know the lurks, it is possible to find less busy areas, such as the rose garden, for a private chat. However, we didn’t have time for that, we had to press on across the park, over the heath to the Paragon. Periodically there was a ‘point of information’ to read out, to add an extra dimension to the business of walking from A to B.

A splendid sight - free to view in Greenwich

A splendid sight – free to view in Greenwich

At Blackheath, it was time to be surprised as the walk led us away from the Heath to the unknown. A sizeable housing estate, tucked away behind the fine houses, led onto roads never seen before. Taking shelter under one of the trees was essential when a passing shower became a downpour before moving away, leaving us a bit damp, but better informed and exercised.

Striding across the Heath, heedless of the lowering skies

Striding out across the Heath, heedless of the lowering skies

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