Friends of Plumstead Gardens Launch Event

The weather couldn’t have been better when Art Plumstead pitched their gazebo at the Launch event of the Friends of Plumstead Gardens (which is more than can be said for the appalling weather at the Plumstead Make Merry) So it was a breeze, metaphorically speaking.

The Art Plumstead stall punched above its weight, offering a sketching competition for three age groups, a Name that Herb quiz and a demonstration of watercolour painting. The stall was besieged by good-natured, happy children eager to express their creativity on the specially created sketching cards using brightly coloured pens. A range of herb-related goodies was on offer to try – candied Angelica, herb biscuits and Lemon Verbena cordial. Meanwhile, apart from the other stalls, refreshments were available from a coffee stall run by a former denizen of the neighbourhood, there were plenty of activities to keep families amused and musical entertainment provided by Plumstead Harmonies.

The Mayor Angela Cornforth extolled the virtues of Plumstead as she symbolically cut the ribbon in front of the steps describing it aptly as a ‘hidden gem’, mentioning the vibrant diverse community and the many open spaces we have nearby. Plumstead has a deserved reputation for being a friendly place, and it was proved to be true when Art Plumstead did their bit for the day. At the end of the afternoon we strolled round to a local house to celebrate a friend’s birthday and chatted well into the night.

Click here to see the photos taken by Jess Currie

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