Near, Thus True!


The third Easter Treasure Hunt was somewhat shorter than before in terms of distance covered but fiendishly tricky to complete, with a range of clues to solve to divine the route, including anagrams of the roads visited, others to answer to help steer the participants in the right direction and a set of random clues of things to spot on the way. This time the contestants were received at Plumstead library, where the quiz sheets were issued at the cost of £1 per person, with all proceeds going towards fundraising for the Plumstead Make Merry 2015. It was all for fun – but there was an underlying sense of competition as well!


Most of the entrants made use of the library tables to solve the street anagrams to at least give them some idea of where to go. We knew we would end up at The Old Mill, but everything else had to be puzzled out on the hoof. Although some of the roads had been used before in the first Easter Treasure Hunt, Karen had managed to spot different clues to solve. Several were tantalisingly familiar, but managed to go unseen by everyone who took part.

The tension mounts as the scores are collated

The tension mounts as the scores are collated

By the time everyone had wandered up to the finishing point, they were quite ready for a drink or two while they waited for the results to be announced. The winners were a duo calling themselves Kevman and Rileyboy and were duly awarded their certificate and egg. There were plenty of smaller eggs for the vanquished to scoff as compensation, but more importantly, everyone had enjoyed themselves at little cost, whilst discovering new things about their neighbourhood and raising money for the Make Merry which will be 40 this year. If you want to have a go for yourself and see what you missed, you can find the route in the resources section of the website. You don’t have to make a donation to the Make Merry afterwards, but it would be gratefully received! Better still, come along on the day (Saturday 6th June 2015) to support it and see our stall as well.

The joyous winners

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