Forty Years of Making Merry

mm generic pic

Art Plumstead added their own unique touch to the 40th Make Merry in the gazebo which was provided by the Make Merry committee in return for providing information, running workshops and hosting lost children as the need arose. The weather was pretty well perfect, neither hurricane conditions, nor relentless heat. An extra layer was appreciated from time to time though.

andrew mm w shop pic

edinburgh pic mmOver in St Mark’s Hall, Andrew gave a rolling workshop in watercolour with children and adults participating, while Kevin was being interviewed for a feature in The Greenwich Show, topic; Plumstead as a village. Meanwhile, back at the stall, Maggie was going great guns with the felt making workshop, showing people of all ages how to make poppies, almost to the very end of the Make Merry. At least 50 were created.

sketching comp winners mm

Clockwise from left, first, second and third in the postcard sketching competition.

maggie felt pic mmThere were books, DVDs, plants, objets d’art, a postcard sketching competition, an interactive map to show where visitors to the Make Merry 2015 had come from, a picture tweet competition – even a few lost children to be claimed – the Art Plumstead stall had it all!

mm maypole

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