Writing Rocks!

rockliffe 1Art Plumstead’s writing competition was launched at Rockliffe Gardens, early in July, to coincide with its first stage of restoration as ‘Plumstead’s hidden gem’. Led by Alison, the participants walked round the various parts of the garden, stopping periodically to be given a further nugget of information to guide the putative writers in their quest for the perfect short story.

rockliffe 2The first exercise was a quick brainstorm around anything that came to mind around the word ‘renewal’, which is to be the theme of the writing competition. A short stroll later, we were invited to choose an object that we were to weave into our story. Before moving on, Alison explained that something had to happen to the character to change them, and that the story had to be set in a particular time and place. So our next task, in a different area of the garden was to think of a character and consider what it is they want in life.

rockliffe 3rockliffe 4At our final stopping point we needed to devise an exciting incident to pique the attention of the reader, as well as choosing a time and place in which to set the story.  Then it was time to rejoin the other visitors to the garden while mulling over the initial thoughts for our stories which are to be presented in 500 – 1000 words. Plumstead Library is supporting this event. See home page for further details.

rockliffe 5

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