Plumstravaganza 2016! From Little Pips…

Plumstravaganza mtg Erik pic 2….an orchard can grow. The Old Mill is where Plumstravaganza 2016 was first thought of. Building upon the concept of a Plum Trail, Art Plumstead members conceived the idea of a fortnight of events around Plumstead at the special time of year just as Summer shifts into Autumn.

Plumstravaganza mtg Erik pic1Plumstravaganza mtg Erik pic 4The Open Meeting that followed a week later allowed interested parties to come along, have the concept explained and consider where and how to be involved. It will allow anyone and everyone who ‘gets’ the idea to be part of a bigger event which is about creativity and community. It won’t be about chasing funding, but will be about having fun. It’s true that we live in the environment we create, and Plumstravaganza 2016 will be a means of recognising that and showing pride in the local area. It will also be a way of linking up with like-minded individuals and discovering more about what is happening here in Plumstead.Plumstravaganza mtg Erik pic 5It wasn’t all work and no play, though. What these pictures don’t show is that after an hour or so of thinking around the theme of Plumstravaganza 2016, the meeting was over and everyone kicked back and discussed all sorts of interesting subjects that had nothing to do with Plumstravaganza in a full on social chit-chat fest. Plumstravaganza mtg Erik pic 3If you want to find out more, look out for updates on facebook, and sign up to the Art Plumstead mailing list. Look out for the Plumstravaganza logo to be revealed soon!

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