Watercolour Workshop 3

Val's PictureA blustery day at the last Community Market saw numbers down, but while squally showers deterred visitors, the back room was a hive of activity for both watercolour sessions.

My picIMG-20151107-01573The morning session was geared towards introducing participants to some useful painting skills. For the remainder of the first session they were able to put their new skills into practice, selecting from a range of source materials before taking the plunge and ‘going large’ on a full sized piece of paper. By lunchtime, all attendees had a completed picture and four introductory exercises which, with a little judicious tweaking can form the basis of images for home made cards.

3rd Watercolour am sessionIMG-20151107-01575IMG-20151107-01576IMG-20151107-01577(1)IMG-20151107-01578IMG-20151107-01581IMG-20151107-01582(1)The afternoon session was set up to encourage existing artists to come along and work on their own watercolour project, whilst benefiting from Andrew’s advice and encouragement. Some people had enjoyed the first session so much, they elected to attend the second one as well. There was an atmosphere of intense concentration as everyone set to. Joe showed two paintings he had painted previously, see below. By the end of the day, everyone was pleased with what they had achieved.

3rd Watercolour pm sessionJoe painting1 IMG-20151107-01587Note* To smooth a watercolour painting that has cockled (dried bumpily) dampen the back of the painting and leave it to dry on a clean, flat surface.

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