Pickles 2, Chutney 5

WP_20151201_19_27_26_ProThe second Plumstead Pickle Festival took place in The Old Mill at the beginning of December, to avoid Christmas parties and bring extra customers on a Tuesday which is known to be the quietest day of the week for bars and restaurants.

WP_20151201_19_27_17_ProHowever, it certainly wasn’t a quiet night by the time a splendid array of 31 tasty pickles and chutneys had been entered by members of the local community for the competition to begin at 7.30pm. Bread was supplied by The Plumstead Pantry, cheese and crackers by The Old Mill. Everyone formed an orderly queue to sample what was on offer, before returning for seconds or thirds to confirm which they preferred and marking them accordingly. As with last year, peer voting was used with up to 3 marks awarded by each person for the best in each category, and a further 2 and 1 marks available for the next best.

WP_20151201_19_27_01_ProKaren duly tabulated the results before they were announced by John. Smokey Plum and Fig chutney swept the board in the categories of taste and texture, as well as being voted the best chutney, while Cauliflower and Capsicum romped ahead to gain the most points in the pickle category. It was an enjoyable evening, creating maximum enjoyment with minimum fuss.


A lower res selection of pictures can be found below, but the only way to get the idea is to experience it for yourself. You don’t have to enter a pickle or chutney to be eligible to vote, but it makes it more fun!





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