Learning Solid Skills

IMG-20160319-01779The 5th Art Plumstead Watercolour Workshop gave attendees the skills needed to paint solid forms. Subtitled building tone and highlights, this intermediate class showed how to use colour washes, whilst leaving parts of the paper untouched (the highlights) to depict cubes, cylinders, cones and spheres.

IMG-20160319-01780IMG-20160319-01785(1)IMG-20160319-01784IMG-20160319-01782The practical session was preceded by a demonstration by Andrew in which he built up successive washes of colour to suggest the geometric shapes. As it took a while for the paint to dry, it was necessary to have several shapes ‘on the go’ at the same time. This was a step up from the previous watercolour workshops, so priority was given to painters who had attended before.

IMG-20160319-01792IMG-20160319-01788IMG-20160319-01790It was a demanding session, with an atmosphere of intense concentration. It needed the full two hours (apart from a welcome tea break) to achieve the effect of solid shapes. As a development, everyone chose a suitable background wash to complement the colour of the shapes they had painted. Andrew also introduced them to ‘the dark arts’ – the use of a pre-applied dab of masking fluid which was removed at the end of the session to reveal a highlight on the sphere. At the very end, advice was sought and given on how to take an existing image and adapt it to produce a more interesting picture.IMG-20160319-01789IMG-20160319-01791


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