Easter Quiz Crawl

IMG-20160328-01835Rebranded to discourage false expectations of allergen-free chocolate Easter eggs, face-painting and bouncy castles, this year’s Easter Quiz Crawl, devised by Karen, encompassed the streets around Middle Plumstead; starting at The Rose before ending as always, at The Old Mill.

IMG-20160327-01824IMG-20160327-01825The name Quiz Crawl alluded to the starting and finishing points of the route, and there was just about time for a quick pint before setting off, although it was not compulsory to inbibe in either of them to complete the clues around the trail. As before, there were anagrams to be solved to work out where to go, as well as picture clues to be spotted along the way. In addition, there were twelve laser-cut eggs secreted along the route. Unless these were unusually well-hidden, it appears they had already been discovered and gleefully carried off by local residents as only one was found by the participants. (If you look closely, you will see it round the neck of the bottle of wine in the picture below)

IMG-20160327-01827As forecast, the weather was indifferent to start with and it even rained at the start of the Quiz Crawl, but it turned out to be a sunny afternoon, albeit with a biting East wind. With hindsight, it would have paid dividends to spend more time to fully appreciate what was required of the questions before setting off, because there was plenty to find and everyone needed their wits about them, but it was ‘only a game’ and a way of finding out more about the neighbourhood. Prizes were donated by The Harlequin Gallery, for the slowest team (a ceramic snail/eggcup), the most laser-cut eggs found (a Thornton’s egg) and the highest score after points had been deducted for every minute after 3.30pm that the answer sheets were handed in at The Old Mill (a bottle of wine). For everyone else it was hard cheese or melted cheese on chips and sorrows drowned in Andy’s selection of real ales.IMG-20160327-01830IMG-20160327-01834IMG-20160327-01831




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