Better Still

IMG-20160430-01943Regular returners to the watercolour workshops faced a new challenge when they were given a still life to paint. This gave them a chance to build on the skills they had learned in the last workshop. (see previous blog to see how they did).

IMG-20160430-01945IMG-20160430-01949The objects in the arrangement were chosen to resemble the solid shapes of the previous exercise. Fruit – including a superannuated pomegranate – stood in for the spheres, a Victorian flowerpot was a truncated cone, a bamboo utensil holder gave practice in depicting a cylinder while the tines of the fork had the perpendicular planes of a cube. Behind it all, a richly coloured cloth invited the participants to show texture, while in the foreground there was the challenge of representing reflective surfaces. Andrew provided tips on how to show colour bouncing off adjacent objects, to show objects relating to one another, and to think tonally. Everyone admires the gorgeous colours of a painting, but  it is held together by the tonal structure.”Tone does all the hard work, but colour gets all the glory!”

IMG-20160430-01958Luckily, the weather was sufficiently bright to allow the artists to work using natural light only, since artificial light ‘flattens’ all the objects. There was an atmosphere of intense concentration, as the pictures below show, in contrast to the lively atmosphere of the community market outside in the main hall. This workshop was useful practice in drawing from life for the forthcoming trip to Erith Yacht Club, where Art Plumstead have been invited to attend to sketch and draw the sights on view there.IMG-20160430-01961IMG-20160430-01963IMG-20160430-01964IMG-20160430-01965IMG-20160430-01967IMG-20160430-01968




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