Parksfest Paint Out

IMG-20160703-02147The band of watercolourists swelled the numbers of visitors to the inaugural Parksfest event at Rockliffe Gardens at the beginning of July. Dotted about the park, they took their inspiration from the events organised there and the natural and man made features of the space.

IMG-20160703-02148IMG-20160703-02150Fortunately, the weather was far better than originally forecast. Most of us based ourselves on the upper level of the garden in the shade of the magnificent conifer trees. There was a good turn out for the event, which featured live music on a stage in the lower level by the recently restored rock wall behind the pond, as well as several stalls, an information tent and a popular food stall. A steady stream of curious visitors popped over to where we were sitting to admire our work during the three hours that we were there.

IMG-20160703-02156It was a new challenge to include people in our paintings, especially as there were so many. A top tip is to focus on a group of people rather than individuals, selecting those that look as if they will be in situ for a while. It isn’t essential to depict them in graphic detail, but including them makes the paintings come to life. We will be returning to Rockliffe Gardens in September during Plumstravaganza, so this visit was a way of scouting out the artistic possibilities, but in the meantime we have been invited back to Erith Yacht Club.IMG-20160703-02157


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