Plumstravaganza – Hilltop Challenge

Unless you count the launch of the Plum Trail, the orienteering session on Shrewsbury Hill was the first event of Plumstravaganza 2016. Hosted by Dartford Orienteering, the route was planned to be achievable, even for first time orienteers, including accompanied children.

In a nutshell, the task involved using a map of Shrewsbury Park to visit control points in order before returning to the finishing point. An electronic device called a dibber had to be inserted into each point as it was visited; as soon as it beeped and flashed, it meant the time had been recorded and the next control point could be visited.

There was a second, slightly more challenging route for anyone who was able to complete the first one quickly. As with the first route, there were a couple of craftily placed control points to snare the unwary who couldn’t be bothered to read the map properly! Running from point to point wasn’t compulsory, but it was the best way to secure a respectable time. At the end of each course, after inserting the dibber into the finishing point, it could then be placed in a reader to obtain an instant print out of how long it took to visit each control point. It was a great way to usher in Plumstravaganza 2016.



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