Plumstravaganza – Flying Tonight

Bats were on the menu – not literally – for the bat walk organised by the Friends of Shrewsbury Park. It had already been made clear that if the weather were foul, the bat walk would not take place. That wasn’t owing to laziness on the part of the organisers, but because there would be no point. Bats don’t come out when it is raining.

At this time of year the baby bats that were born in the summer will have dispersed from the summer maternity colonies to fend for themselves. During September mating season will begin. Everyone had been invited to bring a torch if they had one, but there was also a bat detector to render the bat calls in a form that could be heard by the human ear.

Plenty of pipistrelle bats were heard and occasionally seen during the walk, particularly in one location. There are a few other species that are likely to be found in the UK, but they were keeping a low profile. More details about bats can be found on this link to the Bat Conservation Trust.

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