Halloween 4 – Hanging About, Feline Scared


The fourth Art Plumstead Halloween Event began with a rendezvous at a specified meeting point on Winn’s Common. The assembled audience were comprised of a mixture of keen returnees and excited newbies. They were met by a ‘medium’, played by John who was to be their guide and chaperone for the evening.


Slowly the party advanced down Lakedale Road before veering over onto the former gravel pit alongside the Paddling Pool. Above them, the silhouettes of the trees were outlined against the night sky, and three spooky figures in black moved down the slope by the light of flickering lanterns. There the audience was regaled with a reading by Alison of a self-penned piece based on the life of Edgar Allan Poe’s fiancee, Sarah. Meanwhile, two of the shadowy figures moved away to take their places for the next stage of the proceedings.


The audience was led down a narrow pathway to the old boundary wall of the former hospital, nestling in the shadow of oaks and sycamores shedding the last of their leaves in the chill Autumn air. Here, Erik gave a dramatic performance¬†as the unnamed narrator in Edgar Allan Poe’s story The Black Cat. Joss sticks and appropriate music set the scene for the final performance of the evening, an adapted version of A Hanging by George Orwell, performed by Kevin. After all that horror, the only way to lighten the mood was with a drink, much like the characters in the final piece. However, whereas they had whisky, we imbibed mulled wine, followed by a selection of beers from the Beer Festival in The Old Mill in honour of Andy’s special birthday.



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