Plumstead Make Merry 2018

Plumstead Make Merry 2018 (82)

Art Plumstead were based in two locations at the Make Merry as they have been for the last few years. Out in the main body of the Make Merry we had a stall selling cards and small prints and pictures, while over in the information tent the theme of the vegetable sculpture competition was ‘Memories of Plumstead’.

Art Plumstead stall

During the proceedings, the Queen of Plumstead, arrayed in her purple cloak bedecked with a myriad of badges donated by her loyal subjects could be seen flitting from stall to stall, bringing joy to all who beheld her majesty. She gave kind words of encouragement to dignitaries and commoners alike but took care never to be photographed within the precincts of any stall lest she be accused of favouritism. You can find pictures of her and many other pictures including some of the vegetable sculpture competition here.

Plumstead Make Merry 2018 (91)

Plumstead Make Merry 2018 (92)

The good weather encouraged plenty of people to come and it was generally felt that it was one of the best Make Merry events ever, in terms of numbers, diversity and the good natured atmosphere.

Art Plumstead stall 2


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