A Room with a View


IMG_20180728_152400 - EditedRegulars and new faces were in attendance at the inaugural watercolour workshop held at Shrewsbury House in room 6, with sweeping views across Kent and Essex and the eastern flank of Shooters Hill. As if by telepathic communication nearly everyone was dressed in shades of blue which is variously held to be associated with open spaces, freedom, intuition, imagination, expansiveness, inspiration, and sensitivity. It is a calming colour and helps with balance and self-expression, so it was a perfect choice for the task ahead. The breeze was a refreshing change from the seemingly endless hot weather we have had lately and cooling zephyrs came through the French windows that lead out onto the balcony.

IMG_20180728_140903 - Edited

IMG_20180728_152939 - EditedThis is the first of two Art Plumstead painting sessions to be held at Shrewsbury House, with the second one to run on the 18th August. It was a freestyle format with painters working on their own projects but with expert guidance from Andrew as required. As usual, there was an extensive collection of images to work from for anyone who hadn’t brought their own.

IMG_20180728_153650 - Edited

IMG_20180728_142435 - EditedBy the end of the afternoon, several people who had arrived feeling quite agitated were completely relaxed. When it all became too much, there was the opportunity to step outside for a few minutes and take in the landscape below, or pay a visit to the geography of the house, resplendent in rich blue tiles. Mindfulness doesn’t have to be about sitting and meditating, but can be any totally absorbing activity. As such, watercolour fits the bill with the added benefit of producing a picture. Even if it doesn’t quite work as an image it can always be re-worked or chopped up to make one or more greetings cards, although as Andrew remarked ruefully it usually costs a lot more to present watercolour paintings than it does to produce them!

IMG_20180728_153953 - Edited

IMG_20180728_153705 - Edited

IMG_20180728_153713 - Edited

IMG_20180728_153723 - Edited

IMG_20180728_153825 - Edited

IMG_20180728_153859 - Edited

IMG_20180728_153915 - Edited

IMG_20180728_153943 - Edited

IMG_20180728_153658 - Edited



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