Early Harvest at The Spiral Garden


The Spiral Garden hosted a drop in swap and share session as part of Plumstravaganza 2018. The weather couldn’t have been more perfect, sunny without being oppressive, and its location next to Plumstead Common Nature Reserve added to the pleasant ambience. A steady stream of visitors came by, either to try the different herbs that grow on the site, or to donate or sell their produce. Many were visiting the Spiral Garden for the first time or remembered it when it had been a children’s play area.



There were two huge bags of conference pears (Maggie took some at the end to make pear pickle for the Plumstead Pickle Festival in December) and home made raspberry jam for sale, packed with fruit. There was a box of very large eating apples and home grown spuds, and plenty of organic garlic and onions from GCDA’s garden site at Woolwich Dockyard, one of several run as part of Growing Greenwich. Someone brought several sprigs of ginger rosemary which encouraged those present to take some home and try to strike cuttings from it, by placing tips in water. The rest will be dried and the needles rubbed off for experimenting with, probably to make a syrup for flavouring drinks.



For refreshment, every visitor was offered three drinks on arrival; the first being water flavoured  with salad burnet to give it a light cucumber taste. Next, apple juice to which sweet woodruff had been added. Sweet woodruff when crushed quickly develops an almond flavour and is a key ingredient in May Bowl, a traditional German recipe. Finally, an infusion of Moroccan Mint, as served in Turkish restaurants. Meanwhile there were small savoury biscuits made with chives and winter savoury which proved popular. Also well liked were the oriental mustard leaves growing freely in one of the beds. Small pots of herbs, including some used to flavour the drinks were available to take away. As if that weren’t enough, there were several home made lavender bags and packets of seeds to take home and try. The new banner for the Community Market at St Mark’s Hall was briefly unveiled while packing up and pronounced splendid. It will have its first official outing on Saturday 15th September when the Market recommences.

See Good Food in Greenwich for more details.




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