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Midsummer Madness

Msummer birdmaking afterwardsThis year Art Plumstead decided to stay put instead of devising a promenade performance. It was just as much fun, but all in one place, on Winn’s Common. There were three different workshops running concurrently, aimed at all ages, because adults need to play too! The first activity was making a paper cockatoo, embellished with additional feathers and optional beak. As people finished, they were free to choose which of the next two activities they wanted to try next, which made space for the steady stream of new arrivals.

Msummer birdmaking 1Msummer birdmaking 2The second workshop was all about quick sketching in unfamiliar ways, such as with eyes closed, scribbling constantly to create a tonal study of the landscape, or using the opposite hand from usual. To end, everyone was invited to make a life study of Andrew, the facilitator, using all the skills that they had practiced so far. The final workshop was an informal group exercise that allowed freestyle weaving of natural materials onto a framework of branches prepared by Marje .

Msummer sketching 1Msummer sketching 2Msummer sketching 3Msummer sketching 4Msummer weaving 1Msummer weaving 2After all that sitting around it was time for a bit of physical activity in the form of dancing with partners, led by John and Erik, who were suitably dressed for the occasion. Weaving a bit of humorous banter into their teaching, they managed to coach the group through a routine involving steps, kicks and doh-si-dohs. To round off the festivities, we all adjourned to the Art Plumstead pop up bar, where snacks and drinks were on offer.

Msummer dancing 2

Msummer dancing 1Msummer dancing 3