pickle-festival-16-v1Pickle Festival

Get Pickling! The 3rd Annual Plumstead Pickle Festival will take place on the evening of Tuesday the 6th December in the Old Mill and everyone is welcome to come along and help judge! If you would like to enter, please bring along two unlabelled jars containing your pickle or chutney and a recipe or list of ingredients. Further details here.

Plumstead Community Market

The next Community Market will take place on Saturday 10th December. If you would like to see a little more detail of what’s on offer or to get in touch, please see the Community Market page.

Watercolour Workshop at the Community Market

The workshop will be a seasonal still life, from which the aim is to produce hand made Christmas Cards. Limited places are now available, for more details and to book, see the Watercolour Workshop page.


Thank you to every one involved in Plumstravaganza. Go to the Plumstravaganza website for more information and competition results and check our blog to read about some of the events.

In the Pipeline

If you have ideas for an event that you would like us to help you run, or just want to get in touch, please email us at

Contact Us

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