PLUnk 2019 – Plumstead’s International Music Week

During the week beginning Sunday 21st July and continuing until Saturday 27th July, Art Plumstead will be organising a series of musical events in venues around Plumstead to complement those that already exist and to showcase music from different cultural backgrounds. All will be free to enter, as Art Plumstead will be sponsoring these events.

Details appear on the page dedicated to PLUnk by clicking HERE



Improshrews @ Shrewsbury House – Wednesday 7th August

This group meets on the First Wednesday of every month in the evening at Shrewsbury House from 7.30 to 9.30pm.
Hosted by Sam White, the price of the 2 hour session is £5 but the first session is FREE. If you fancy a laugh and are interested in coming along, details of what it’s all about can be found at:
There is no need to book, just turn up and ask at the desk to find out which room we have been
The next 3 sessions will take place on:

Wednesday 4th September
Wednesday 2nd October
Wednesday 6th November


Plumstravaganza 2019

This year Plumstravaganza begins on August Bank Holiday Monday, 26th August and continues until Sunday 8th September. Events as they are arranged will appear on the dedicated website that can be reached by following this LINK.




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